How It All Began
It all started when my then 2 year-old son begged me for more #mommyschool. We did educational activities together in the car and at home. Together we branded them things like Cookie Math, Lightning Q&A, and Brain Teasers. From time to time, he would say something I wanted to remember, and I would post it on Facebook so someday he could read it again using the tag #mommyschool

The years passed, and we had two more little ones. Each child has a unique perspective on just about everything. Sharing their words with others is a great way to document their childhood. My friends joked that this would make a funny book or blog, but I never had the time to pull it together.

Finally, we decided to create a comic together. Everything here is a recounting of something that has happened, though sometimes it is edited a bit for brevity or clarity.

Who We Are
Dave – Fun-loving Daddy who adores kids and parenthood, perhaps a little too much at times.
Jon – Quiet basketball-loving, reluctant piano-playing, adoring big brother. Avid reader with a deep imagination.
Beth – Extremely precocious, inquisitive little sister with a love for cooking, art, and coding.
Dani – Little fierce lover of life. Wall-climber, dare devil, with a head for math and writing.

About the Mommy in #mommyschool
Deb is the mother of three precocious children and wife to a wonderful husband and father. She is an avid writer, advocate for women in technology, and Silicon Valley executive. #mommyschool was born of her passion for sharing the joys and trials of parenthood.